Mimi Kvinge is a self-taught illustrator, painter, and muralist based out of Seattle, WA. Growing up as an avid skier and outdoors woman in the PNW, much of Mimi’s artwork focuses on showcasing the beautiful and dynamic place that she lives. Through acrylic, watercolor, and ink, Mimi’s work features colorful mountains, oceans, and animals. In her more recent figure paintings as with all of her work, Mimi draws parallels between nature and femininity.

It is important to Mimi that her art is accessible to everyone. Therefore she loves to lend her designs to commercial projects and murals, adding a pinch of color and imagination to unlikely canvases. Mimi has enjoyed a career collaborating with companies such as, Volkswagen, Backcountry.com, Evo, Lib Tech, FjallRaven, The Collective Seattle, Matador Network, Liberty Skis, and more.