NW Peaks Brewery: Drink Good Beer!

To understand our story, you have to go back…and up–way up–to some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest mountain peaks. It was atop these peaks–Eldorado, Stuart, and Challenger to name a few–where NW Peaks Brewery truly began. Eight thousand feet above Seattle, where the air is freshest and the cleanest water races to the ocean below, the vision of a brewery became clear.

Nothing compliments a breathtaking view better than a refreshing brew.

That vision quickly evolved into a concept, which took physical form in 2009 in a small “garage” on 17th and Leary, right in the heart of Seattle’s fledgling Ballard Brewery District. For years, loyal Good-Beer-Aficionados would line up every couple weeks outside the makeshift brewery/taproom to enjoy a pint and share their peakbagger stories. Good beer, great people, and a countless number of mountaineering stories began forming the backbone of what would soon become NW Peaks Brewery.

In 2014, we opened our first taproom (“The Bergschrund”), less than a block from the original brewery. Less than three years later, we opened a full-time brew location and second taproom in Hillman City (South Seattle). With a range of styles from West Coast IPAs to English Style Barleywines (and everything in between), our mission became offering not only good beer but a good beer selection. Just like the incredible state of Washington, we offer something worth drinking for everybody–regardless of whether you’re a hop head or a grain gal–a Blonde Bob or a Pilsner Patty.

In 2019, we moved all operations to South Seattle, closing down our Ballard taproom and beginning upgrades to the Hillman City brewery and taproom. Located just south of Columbia City on Rainier Ave S, the taproom offers incredible views of Mt. Rainier from the patio, reminding everyone who stops by just why NW Peaks Brewery began in the first place.

From the beer inside our cans to the local artists who create the labels, every NW Peaks brew aims to capture and recreate the feeling of reaching a mountain’s peak, looking out over the beautiful state of Washington, and taking a deep, victorious breath. Whether you take our Beer To-Go on your next adventure, or enjoy it with us afterwards, NW Peaks Brewery beers bring together the best of the Pacific Northwest into one, delicious four-, twelve-, or sixteen- ounce pour.

Drink Good Beer!

NW Peaks Brewery: Drink Good Beer