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NW Peaks Brewery Opens for Phase 2: On-Premise Service

The sun is out. The beer is cold. Despite a 2020 that nobody could have expected, it finally feels like summer. Come on in!

Phase 2 at NW Peaks Brewery

As Hillman City and Columbia City businesses re-open, there are of course some changes to service. We want to keep the IPAs, stouts, sours, and Scotch ales flowing all Summer. Accordingly, here are the new rules to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission:

  • Masks must be worn unless you are seated at a table.
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing between yourself and anyone not in your party.
  • Maximum party size is 5.
  • There must be a seat available prior to ordering.
  • Be respectful. Staff and patrons are still adjusting. Your patience and consideration will go a long way!

Kveik Yeah!

After 3 months of closures and changes to every taproom to ensure the health and safety of future beer drinkers, it is finally time for South Seattle Brewery Coalition breweries to reopen for on-premise beer service…Kveik Yeah!

Kveik Yeah?

South Seattle Brewery Coalition consists of 13 breweries in South Seattle.

On June 26th, eight breweries in the South Seattle Brewery Coalition (SSBC) will release eight different versions of Kveik Yeah! This is not one beer, but an Isolation Collaboration – eight different beers brewed with a unified ingredient: Kveik Yeast. What the heck is Kveik?! It’s a generations-old Norwegian yeast that does magical things in high heat and in little time. It’s fun and funky, and brewers are swooning over it.

We invite you to grab a pint, can or growler and start your very own Tour de Kveik. There are IPAs, Doubles, a Sour and more! Stop by a couple breweries, or create your own Tour du Kveik and try a beer at all 8 participating breweries!

Participating Breweries

Counterbalance Brewing
Elysian Brewing
Flying Lion Brewing
Ghostfish Brewing Company
Jellyfish Brewing Company
NW Peaks Brewery
Perihelion Brewery
Two Beers Brewing

Unfortunately, the NW Peaks Kveik Double IPA is delayed a few weeks. However, we still invite you in to enjoy one of our other beers on your tour!

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, when hugs were replaced with 6ft, the South Seattle brewery village rallied together to prove that sticking together, even virtually, does make you stronger. If there is one thing the last few months have reminded us, it’s that it does in fact take a village. Mark Burr, Owner of Jellyfish Brewing Co. sums it up nicely: “We’re peers because of beers. And through conversations and collaborations, we’ve become friends. Now, as friends, we’ve become a South-end family. That, in turn, makes all of us stronger and better.”

South Seattle Brewery Coalition is made up of 13 breweries who are dedicated to seeing the industry grow. Combining forces, we love challenging one another to make better beer, to provide more excellent service, and to better educate the wonderful people who have chosen to support our businesses. Visit for specific beers styles and a detailed map of the South Seattle Brewing Coalition.

Be Disloyal. Drink Everywhere.

Hours: On-Premise and Beer To-Go

NW Peaks Brewery is currently open the following hours, both for on-premise and Beer To-Go.

Monday: 2-8pm
Tuesday: 2-8pm
Wednesday: 2-8pm
Thursday: 2-8pm
Friday: 2-9pm
Saturday: 2-9pm
Sunday: 2-8pm